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"A bodyguard who has failed to protect her master has no honor and no rights." When a young N'endel bodyguard, Fei, loses her lord, she goes on a journey across the war-scarred lands of Arosinia, looking for a new purpose for her life. Fei, who has spent most of her life at the side of a Lord, soon notices that many things out there are not what they seem...

Q & A

Who are you, and what is AOKI?
My name is Waribiki and Aoki is a fantasy webcomic written and drawn by me. I actually wrote the script years ago (I was 14 then) but dug it out and made some changes to it recently. It is my first webcomic ever, and I'm doing it mostly to practice my drawing skills. After all, there is no better way to learn how to draw comics than by drawing comics! <3

What does "aoki" mean anyway?
It means "blue tree."

How often do you update?
Whenever I have a page ready. I'm a student so sometimes it's hard to find time to draw, but I try to update at least once a week, with one or two pages.

Why are the chapters so short?
Because... I'm a lazy ass. If the chapters are too long I get bored of drawing them very fast. Short chapters help me keep going.

What program do you use?
The first 3 chapters are done traditionally, but at the beginning of chapter 4 I finally bought a tablet and started doing everything except the sketching digitally in Paint Shop Professional. Can you tell?

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